Experience it live

Here we’d like to give you a few tips about places you can visit if you want to see and experience more of Astrid Lindgren’s creations or get some more information.

Astrid Lindgren´s Näs

A new place to visit is Astrid Lindgren’s Näs, which includes the author’s childhood home as well as a recently-built exhibition hall. This area, which has been lovingly cared for, is situated a stone’s throw away from the theatre-park, “Astrid Lindgren’s World” in Vimmerby.

The house where Astrid was born is open to visitors and the large exhibition entitled, “The Whole World’s Astrid Lindgren” and the adjoining café are open all the year round.


Astrid Lindgren´s World

This is the unique theatre-park which Astrid herself was involved in creating in Vimmerby. Here you can meet Pippi, Emil, Mardie, Ronia, Karlsson and all the other characters – live – every day during the summer! It’s Sweden’s largest children’s theatre-park, all based on Astrid Lindgren’s texts.



Junibacken is a children’s culture and adventure centre on the island of Djurgården, in central Stockholm and right next to the Vasa Museum. Junibacken was established in 1996 and offers various exhibitions based on Swedish children’s books. Taking a journey on the “Story Train” through all of Astrid Lindgren’s stories is always a highlight at Junibacken. Open all year round.


Kneippbyn and Villa Villekulla

In the Kneippbyn Activity Centre on the island of Gotland stands the house which served as Villekulla Cottage in the films about Pippi Longstocking. In the summer you can meet Pippi at the daily theatre performances at the centre, which also offers accommodation and swimming facilities.



In Vimmerby, you can easily recognise the type of environment that has inspired Astrid Lindgren. Not least, Båtmansbacken, right near the town square, which is probably what Astrid had in her mind when she wrote as follows in Master Detective Bergson lives dangerously:

“Main Street and Little Street, that was all there were, and then the great square. For the rest there were only small cobblestoned, steep alleyways and blind alleys“

Astrid lies buried in the Vimmerby Churchyard next to her parents, Samuel August and Hanna Ericsson.



The Katthult farm, seen in the films about Emil is situated approximately 20 km from Vimmerby. You can visit this property, which is actually called Gibberyd, and which has been kept much as it was in the films. The environment is typical of rural Småland as depicted by Astrid Lindgren in several of her books.


Bullerby (Noisy Village)

Astrid Lindgren’s father, Samuel August Ericsson grew up in Sevedstorp about 10 km outside Vimmerby. The three farms are used in Lasse Hallströms’ film based on All about the Bullerby children. There is a little café nearby and the opportunity to jump in the hay, just like “in the olden days”.

Bullerby (Noisy Village)